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Content Types

Content Types

All families and model groups in the Fetch library may be attached with multiple supporting documents and files. We divide these between primary components, models or files that are loaded directly into Revit; and secondary components, such as other supporting documents.

Primary Components

Primary components are files that can be loaded into Revit directly.

These are typically:

  • • Families (.rfa)
  • • Model Groups (.rvt or dynamic model group, multiple .rfa)
  • • Tags (.rfa)
  • • Schedules (.rvt)
  • • Project Templates (.rvt)

Secondary Files

While a primary file is anything that is loaded directly into Revit (families, model groups, etc.), secondary components are other files and supporting documents that can apply to individual families or to a group of products.

These items can include:

  • • Material libraries (.adsklib)
  • • CSI specs (.doc/.docx)
  • • Spec guides (.pdf)
  • • Finish options (.pdf)
  • • Installation guides (.pdf))
  • • Sustainability information (.pdf)
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Accessing Secondary Content

All secondary content can be found under the 3-dot drop-down menu on each card.

To access secondary content:

      1. 1. Click on the 3-dot drop-down menu on the desired model’s card in Fetch.
      2. 2. Select the content you would like to download.
      3. 3. A new browser tab will open to preview or download the selected content.
      4. 4. PDFs will open in a new browser tab
      5. 5. .doc/.docx documents will download directly to your default downloads folder
      6. 6. The “Learn More” button at the bottom of the 3-dot drop-down menu will open the product page on the FetchBIM site for more detailed information.