Room Segments

  • Garment Rack Garment Rack

    Garment Racks with a security shutter are perfect for storing clothing items efficiently and securely. Popular for storing uniforms, costumes, choir robes, jerseys, and more.

  • Wire Partitions Wire Partitions

    Wire partitions are used to construct strong and secure cages and enclosures, storage lockers, safety barriers, machine guarding, and pallet rack backing.

  • Smart Day Use Lockers Smart Day Use Lockers

    Smart day use lockers allow for quick and easy temporary storage. Indicator lights on the digital keyless locks show whether the locker is available for use.

  • Blood Slide Vertical Carousel Blood Slide Vertical Carousel

    Specially designed to provide high density, secure storage, and retrieval of pathology slides and tissue blocks.

  • 4 Post Shelving 4 Post Shelving

    Uniquely customizable to keep materials of any size and weight organized and easily accessible while making the most of every inch of precious storage space.

  • Rotary Files Rotary Files

    Two-sided spinning rotary cabinets revolve 360° to save floor space for storing files, supplies, boxes, books, binders, and more in one secure locking cabinet.

  • Medical Storage Racks Medical Storage Racks

    Medical supply chain racks are great supply management solutions for hospital PAR rooms and supply storage areas.

  • Personal Storage Lockers Personal Storage Lockers

    Customizable Personal Lockers for everyday use. Popular in Police, Fire, or Government Locker Rooms.

  • Evidence Lockers Evidence Lockers

    Evidence lockers provide secure chain of custody to ensure protection and integrity of objects in police department's evidence handling process.

  • Smart Parcel Lockers Smart Parcel Lockers

    Smart lockers automate the parcel delivery process. The customizable .RVT files allow for quick opening selection.

  • Modular Casework Modular Casework

    Modular Casework is flexible enough to meet any storage need. Choose various pre-built sections of casework based on function and material.

  • Bed Lifts Bed Lifts

    The hospital bed storage system is designed to stack and store hospital beds off the floor. Choose from two .RFA models in one .RVT file to find your solution.

  • Mail Sorters - Configurator Mail Sorters - Configurator

    Quickly organize all of your mail needs in one highly customizable .RFA model. Web tools help you filter down to the perfect choice from over 1000 combinations.

  • Sliding Mobile Shelving - Configurator Sliding Mobile Shelving - Configurator

    Sliding mobile shelving allows you to store the most amount of material in the smallest amount of space. Web tools narrow down over 300 possibilities.