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Do you ever open a new project and get intimidated by all that white space? Our Room Segment model groups work to overcome that! Import a model group from the app or website into your project to quickly get started on any room or space. Our Dynamic Model Groups are built inside our database for accurate dimensions and placement. The individual families that make up a model group always stay up to date with the most recent pricing, weights, lead time information, and product codes; taking the guess work out of the design development phase.

Get a jump-start on your project with room segments that are divided into easy-to-use categories to help you pinpoint exactly the products you need. Inside Modular Casework, you’ll find thoughtfully crafted model groups for break, copy, mail, and exam rooms. There are also specialty casework groups intended for laboratory and pharmacy retail settings. Personal Storage Lockers are another popular choice and are available in several configurations and widths. Other popular categories include four-post shelving, evidence lockers, and surgical storage racks.